This is Blair. He likes to Engineer Architecture

Blair has grown companies and teams for engineering based products and services. His customers have consistently stated the care he takes is the reason for success. Always curious, always results oriented, always seeking the right answer. 

These pictures represent technical and architectural successes Blair achieved with his team in a former employer. They represent capability and credibility. We would be pleased to introduce you to the clients who were well served by Blair and his team. They do not represent products available from FSI (SFI) yet. 

Our History

Facade Systems Inc (Les Systèmes de Façades) is a new firm launched by Blair Davies, PEng. Working with FSI increases your probability of a successful project exponentially because of our experience, connections and because we care. FSI's products help you stand out.

After 8 years assisting Architects, Developers, Governments and Builders create facades across Canada in all provinces, territories, and building types, Blair has decided to launch his own firm. 

One client graciously said:

"In my dealings with Blair he has been quite good at understanding the architectural side as well as the builder side of the process and work toward finding a suitable middle ground, satisfying both sides. I also think that Blair cares not only about selling a product but about customer satisfaction so that he can rely on repeat clients on the developer/builder side and earn the trust of architects."

Quote by Architect who was kind enough to provide a reference for me on my first product. 

FSI provides the following Products and Services

Products and Services

Graphic Concrete

Facade spec and detail advice*

Shop drawing review

Facade selection advice
                                          Shop drawing sourcing

Site visits

     *Blair has over 8 years experience detailing and specifying ventilated facade systems, and is willing and pleased to   assist in detailing, product sourcing, specifying, even as an introductory complementary engagement. 

Blair D Davies , PEng, MBA


Another Product Coming Soon

Architects, Builders and Precast Concrete fabricators work with FSI because we represent great facade products, and great knowledge and service. When we are involved facade construction goes well. Our products help you and your buildings stand out. Our criteria for selecting products are innovative, aesthetic, constructible, affordable and proven.