Recent Testimonies

"We are always happy to work with you and value the support you have provided our firm in the past.
Much appreciated.
" Partner.

"Of course I support your efforts in delivering creative cladding solutions." Associate

"Experience suggests you will be representing high quality and likely innovative products and will bring considerable technical expertise to the table, for projects currently in design I look forward to seeing the Facade Systems offering in the near future." Chief Architect

"Yes – we would certainly be interested in continuing to work with you as opportunities present themselves. Best of luck with the new line and venture." Owner Architectural Firm

"I would love to have the opportunity to work with you again with some of the new cladding systems you are bringing in. I can't wait to hear more about it when you are ready." Partner

"Our team has enjoyed interfacing with you personally and with Façade Systems Inc. on several projects. You have always been an experienced voice in the world of cladding systems, so we look forward to continued discussions on how we can realize our design objectives, from both an aesthetic and technical point of view.  We look forward to hearing more about the new products you are bringing to our market." Partner

Thank you all for your kind words. We look forward to many more fine collaborations which build our relationships. Blair

​​Corium Brick Cladding 

​Alsecco Stone Cladding

Architects, Builders and Owners work with FSI because we focus on you, not us. We work with you to design great facades, suggest products and develop great relationships. When we are involved facade construction goes well. Your design with our products stands out. Our criteria for selecting products are innovative, aesthetic, sustainable, constructible, affordable and proven.

Argeton Terracotta Rainscreens 

Fundermax HPL Facades and Interiors

This is Blair. He likes to work with Architects to create excellent designs. 

Blair has grown companies and teams for engineering based products and services. His customers have consistently stated the care he takes is the reason for success. Always curious, always results oriented, always seeking the right answer. 

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