How does it work? Simple, simple, simple. 

  • You pick a design or provide a design
  • GC consults with you how to lay it out 
  • GC prints on paper a retardant and ships to precaster or GFRC supplier
  • ​Precaster puts in mould with concrete, a day later power washes to remove 1mm of the surface
  • Your design results from design + colour of aggregates and cement
  • Simple, simple, simple.

Architectural Precast Yes Graphic Concrete YES

Here is what Architect's are saying:

their own house” to describe the school expansion building The Rødkilde Gymnasium

I wanted to recreate something for the Marseille of today and tomorrow, to express the thousands of years of love, fear, submission, joy and reunion” Les Docks Libres

It offers unlimited opportunities to play with different colours and patterns. The design can be seen from afar, and the result is similar to a print.” College Crevin

Simple, simple, simple. GC takes all the guess work out of making concrete beautiful.

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