Precasters wanted

Business Requirements 

  • Solid company with financial resources.
  • Three reference customers and one supplier to ensure good business practices especially quality and customer service.
  • Entrepreneurial approach to growing the business,
  • Willing to make samples free of charge for marketing in their region by FSI. Its important to show samples in the colours available in your region.
  • A publicly stated commitment to the architectural community and a passion for design.

FSI and Graphic Concrete are looking for a few good firms in each region to champion the growth of the use of this unique technology. Whether a pattern, an image, smooth or completely rough GC helps you provide unique surfaces to your clients. Eventually this will be a wide spread technique, but at this point we are looking for those special firms who can see the vision. FSI will be creating demand with the Architectural, Building and Owner communities. First reaction by first Architect ; "EPIC". So if you think you are up to it and want to help make something special tell us.

Job 1 - Samples Samples Samples. We provide test papers for you. Together we determine which retardant is best for your cement. Then we get you sample papers. Getting samples out to the Architects is critical.

Job 2 - Looking for jobs going now that we could ask for support from the client to use GC, and we make it affordable, and voila a showcase piece quickly. Any ideas?

What's Next. Tell us who you are. 

this is actually a flat, windowless building 

Technical Requirements

  • Knowledge and skill to produce exposed fine aggregate surface (see also DS 5: Graphic ConcreteTM mixtures)
  • Horizontal casting: Graphic ConcreteTM works with horizontal casting in prefabrication.
  • High-quality moulds: Graphic ConcreteTM requires a carefully levelled and clean mould table to guarantee the best result.
  • Mould vibration (or self-compacting concrete): Normal reinforcement and vibration are used with Graphic ConcreteTM. Pocket vibration is only allowed in special cases and with ultimate care.
  • GC Technology Transfer is carried out prior to commercial use of Graphic Concrete™Type your paragraph here.